Saturday, May 26, 2007


There are 106 cities in China that will limit the use of private vehicles for a day this fall in a bid to promote environmental awareness and mass transit...

There are 1,000 private cars added to the streets of Beijing every day. According to a popular magazine, transport accounts for 20% of China's energy consumption...

I say we all should do our part in protecting our environment. This planet is already too polluted that some species or organism are dying out there.

For The Sake of Competitions.

A tightrope (1,000 meters) strung across Seoul's Han River - the longest ever - is part of what organizers called the first international highwire competition.

It took winner Abudusataer Wujiabudula, an ethnic Uighur from China, 11 min 22second to cross the tightrope and winning himself $15,000.00.

Money,, money in a rich man's pocket.

The Royal Canadian Mint's a new jumbo gold coin weighing 100KG which beat Austria's 31KG piece -is known as "Big Phil"- is the world's largest pure gold coin.

The face value of this massive gold coin is $1 million Canadian dollars but its current market value is about twice that due to the rising price of gold...

I wonder if they could just give me a pinch of that coin?..hmmm

Let's Play Combat.

Saudi Arabia spends about 8.8% of its GDP for military expenditure in 2005. They love expensive military hardware such as Patriot missiles, from the U.S.
Meanwhile U.S. spends about 4% of their GDP for military expenditure in 2005, a lower proportion but higher dollar amount: the U.S. spent $495.3 billion, compared with Saudi's 25.4 billion.

They should channel this money towards the betterment of this planet.

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