Saturday, January 26, 2008


I have some good news to share about a great opportunity.

An Affiliate Company "VORTEX MARKETING GROUP" in Texas is
seeking 10,000 new online Marketing Representatives.

This company is: -5 Year Old Debt Free Company
-NETBII and BBB Rated
-Multiple Income Streams Available

I could tell you more, but I will let you read the
information for yourself:

Start your journey with us now. Do not procrastinate. You will not be required to spend money.

There will be some reading involved because this is the least costly way for the CEO to teach you.

This system is not based on "Theory." Mr. Joel developed this system from over 15 years of experience and taking what he have learned from a multitude of mentors to create an online friendly team building system. You WILL learn how to build a giant list of potential customers and distributors.

So if you have time to spare, read through the explanation. There maybe something for you here of interest. Good luck!!!

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