Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Life and the way I see it...

I have been doing a lot of thinking (who doesn't?) about what actually do I need to about my blog. At the moment, any items that catches my interest I will put it in my blog.
Yesterday it dawn to me that I don't need to continue (well will still continue but not that much) doing what I'm doing with my blog but I should concentrate on what actually is happening around me and those that matters to me. That's right I'm going to blog about me and what matters to me or what I'm interested in (hopefully ideas will come forth like a thundering waterfall...I wish).

This will be the new approach I'm going to take regarding this blog.
So, today I'm going to start to by stating that I just came back from the clinic. My wife was complaining yesterday about having a painful throat..she actually sounds like Rod Stewart when she spoke. So I thought she might got tonsil.

Yesterday, the whole day I went to the city to attend a course on MBS (Modified Budgeting System). I started from my hometown around 4.00am in the morning because the course starts at around 8.20am.

She can't drive so she can't go the clinic by herself. I came back around ten last night, tired and sleepy. On top of that my youngest child was having a bad night, keeps crying until early in the morning ( I have to carry him so he doesn't disturb his Mommy sleeping).

I was quite right that I suspect she got tonsil, but it's a rare kind.

The doctor said it septic something...there was whitish coating inside her throat.

The doctor said if she's not responding to the antibiotic she gave, I have to send her to the hospital.

So there you are, a new approach that I'm hoping to keep this blog alive and not forgotten.

By the way the baby crying is actually my third son...he's so attached to his mother, but if his mother starts to scold him, he'll run to me...always...

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toinsim said...

doi gia ebner. give us more pictures will ya??? out your camera to good use.