Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas is here again...

This is CHRISTMAS...the month of celebrating the birth of the Saviour. Sadly, nowadays we seems to move towards Christmas with a lot of commercialism. Some people even wishes each other 'happy holiday' and moving away from the more traditional way of greetings that so connected to the birth of the Saviour i.e Merry Christmas.

How sad it is that we are slowly losing the real meaning of Christmas. As we come closer to the 25th December, we will be bombarded with advertisement depicting all goodies and gifts etc. All things showing less and less of the real purpose of Christmas.

Hey, don't feel bad. I just want to share my view on this matter since through my observation, we are indeed living in a commercialized Christmas.

I do hope that in doing so we can at least show our concern of others who are unfortunate. Like those children from PAYATAS.

I never heard of Payatas before. Once I manage to get the site, I was able to look into their plight and for me the conditions there are appalling. If you ever been behind a garbage truck while driving (you just only a while ago ran out of air-conditioning gas, thus opening your car windows is better then to be suffocated while driving), you might want to close your car windows because the smell emitted by this garbage truck can really be more suffocating. So you see what these community is living through day in day out.

For those out there with 'dough', please spare some for these community. This is CHRISTMAS and so it's about giving and giving and giving...


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