Sunday, January 4, 2009

Celebrating the New Year 2009

For me it's very simple..I went home to my in-laws and did this on the 31/12/09..New Year's Eve...

1. Before reaching my in-laws place, drop by a friend house...they were busy preparing for the New year...drank 3 cans of tiger..

2. At the in-laws house, I did this:
a. Sing a few karaoke songs (drunk already from the three lame)
b. Ate one piece of chicken butt (seriously), one tiny prawn and one chicken wing
c. Drank two more cans of beer (Carlsberg)..
d. Went to bed at 10.36pm (no need to mention - miss celebrating the New Year)

That's it for the last day of 2008...

ppss...did I mentioned that I didn't took my bath?....until the next day?...hahaha

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