Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Be Original!!!

last week i attended a workshop on how to measure quality in services either in public or private sector. i met with a colleague and our conversation gradually arrive to the subject of blogging.
she , yes this person is a she had seen my blog and her first comment goes something like this "you got to be original, don't cut and paste". i didn't reply to this comment, because it makes me think, think and think longer.
finally, all i have to say is that for me whatever you blog about it must be something that you like. there must be objectives when you want to blog. be it for the money, friendship or just to share you thought..however strange it seems to other people.
it took me awhile to evaluate my blog and i finally come to the conclusion that i blog because i want to share informatin with others..be it that information is not original but if it contains value that of help to other,i will put it here..period.
i also will put in my blog of things that i like,that i can use for future reference because i consider my blog to be of some sort of a storage for informations.
so in short i blog and insert (same as copy and paste...hehehe) information that i feel of value, of importance to me. that's why my blog is ALL THINGS GREAT AND SMALL.


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