Friday, November 6, 2009


I recently attended the Gong Festival in Matunggong district. This festival is all about gong and gong making. The venue was the Comunnity Stage by the village football ground where various items were on display for the visitors.
These includes the following:

Pure Honey

Household items made of coconut

A Table Lamp

A Ship

A Jar

I went to this Festival last year and saw a scorpion made entirely of coconut. It was black and brown and shiny, about two feet long and yes it was pricely..

Attractive designs made of beads.

A Hand Woven Design on a piece of cloth. This is one of the famous produce coming out of Matunggong

Gongs for sale on display

This one GONG is most probably the largest in the world.

Free Opportunity / Traffic

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