Thursday, March 29, 2012

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Ppls, after going cold on this blogsite for months or is it years already?, just because adsense kicked me out of their program after stating that I purposely click on my own adsense sites (which i strongly denied), i decided to let it live again but with a different content, gone already those leadless content that i wrote..i might as well concentrate on one focus only and at the moment, i have a pretty good idea but am not ready at the moment..i need to do some make-over for this site and then i will start to blog on one subject only.

Some add-ons on this blog will be remove (sorry..) to ensure that visitors have a learning experience when going through this blog. I will also create new blog for new subject as i move along..

i was thinking of deleting this blog or my account with google inc., but i have spent so much time on this blog of mine and other google products that i feel like i'd be wrong to destroy in seconds what i built in years..

thanks again for the support..

will input something next week that's relevan to what i'm focussing for this site..

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