Thursday, February 19, 2009


well, it is their distant cousin actually. i was wondering what to post today when i realize that a few days ago my brother caught a pyhton that was eating his chicken and duck. he caught this blighter in his chicken cage. the fella can't slip through the hole it went in before because of the two ducks in the stomach. there was a huge bulge in it's middle tummy, where the ducks were conveniently placed..alas this do the fella more harm because now this fella can't go through the hole on the side of the chicken cage.


i didn't managed to get a photo of it. but my sister-in-law did and i saw it for the first time last night and it was huge and bulgy (where the ducks were hidden...evidence of forced entry and attempt to escape the of course. i think it was more than seven feet long. i'm waiting for my brother to upload it in his facebook so i can steal it and add it to my picasa

btw, if you all have loads of photos,i suggest you all upload it in picasa (google)...sorry no link...very lazy to make all have to look for it yourself in google...get some exercise...move the

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