Wednesday, February 18, 2009

be original

i should stop using the above as my title. i know now what needs to be done. actually today i would like to touch on reviews i received. i can see that i need to do more for this blog to be presentable. i've surfed around and found sites that offers templates and other attractive items that i can put in my blog to make it more attractive. sadly, up until now, i haven't make any changes yet. its partly lazy and partly don't have enough time to do so. some experts says it only takes a few minutes to make the changes. yeah,if you know what and how to go about doing it. well anyway, i'll take my time.

the suv i borrowed from my brother experienced problem again. i think the clutch pump or the brake pump is leaking. anyway, i had sent it to a nearby workshop to get it fixed. also at the same time, my other car experience electrical problem. the gas indicator keeps on flashing even though the car is drowning with gas filled up to the top. i sent it to another workshop and got it fixed. the wiremen had to open up the seat at the back and there for the first time since i bought the car about ten years ago, are all the dirt accumulating peacefully under the seat. no wonder, i thought i had done a good job vacuuming the seats and making sure that no dust presence inside the car. alas, they went into hiding under the seat.

tomorrow i'll be leaving for kota kinabalu, i hope i don't forget to bring along three puppies for my sister. my dog gave birth to seven pups earlier last month and i'm busy 'distributing' them. i wish i can download their photo here. you see they are seven of them, two black, three brown and two white with brown

talk about melting pot...

maybe tomorrow i might post something about current happenings in sabah..if i keep on posting about what i'm doing, it's going to get pretty bored. some diversion is needed.

cherrio...and have a good day...


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