Tuesday, February 17, 2009

be original...

i was suppose to put a post here yesterday (around 2.00am), yes...in the morning, you read that right..but i was so tired after a long day. you see,yesterday i went to my parents house which is located more than one hundred km from where i reside...yep around 130ish km, one way.
went there to fetch my brother's suv because he's not using it. i took this suv back to my place because partly i can use it to send the wife to market. i used it today and it is still in good condition, the engine purring nicely..needs greasing though..
coming back to the subject of original,i still wonder how to go about posting in an original way..finally i figured out that if i do posting, it will be of what i did..but not too personal..it might contained a bit on the personal side and a bit on the not so personal side.
i do travel frequently though..i think i will use this travelling of mine to be posted here, with limitations of course..am not going to reveal everything...lol...

ok..that is for now..like my second son used to say..'good night ya all now...'

wonder what to post tomorrow?...hhmmmmm...


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