Saturday, February 28, 2009

to change or not to change?

i am pondering on the result i'm going to get (probably not much...hardly significant) if i go ahead and change my template..i tried using templates other than provided here but not successful in implementing them..always got problem..

anyway, i'll think about it first..kinda lazy also to change bah...but, well..maybe i give it a try..can't seems to do it in the near future loads of admin work to settle..
by the way, i just came back from outstation and it was really tiring especially the long drive..visiting service points..need some rest..
also there was a accident along the road..a new toyota common rail (vigo), plunged into a ravine head first...

it seems that the driver falls asleep on the wheel (it was 3.00am, so i heard), while travelling back to his was not known what's the outcome of the driver..for sure, the suv was badly damaged..i caught a glimpse of its battery potruding out of the bonnet..
this fella, if's going to make it..will probably need to spend thousand of dollars fo fix the vehicle..
so a word of advise..ceh...don't be sleepy and driving..bad for you, really bad..

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun, I'm sure you really did enjoy the trip, the kids will always remember it.