Sunday, March 1, 2009

one month supply of rice...

probably the title is misleading..some might wonder if this post is something to do with world hunger...well not actually..


yesterday my boyzs..yeah all three of them..bought a small canine, pupppy, was in black and white like the shows on tv we used to watch back on the old days...

it was furry all can't hardly see the eyes..she...yes its a she..probably have to blew her hairs over her eyes so she can see where she's going..

overall, the boyzs love her..i kind a get to liking her too...a wee bit only..

you might wonder how much it cost..well the title of this post did state of month supply of

well...sigh....need to work on my adsense to pay for the her and the food she's going to the moment my adsense is so invisible...don't mistaken it for being superior or along that line...when i mention invisible..well it's invisible..non-existent be kind to the dog and click my pathetic adsense adverts so i can buy her regular supply of dog


Dav DiDi said...

HHmmm ... your title and posting quite different ..

got the puppy picture?

Anonymous said...

BARK BARK BARK! That's short for feed me! Other translations include I need to POO POO now! oops. A gurr type sound will mean leave me alone, put me down, I'm napping! You should feel comfortable with your own translations in a very short time.
Remember quite and gentle will always go farther than a swift kick in the... HaHa JO