Thursday, March 26, 2009

Got my posting cap on vacation


Yes, i know, it's been ages since i last did a post here. not that i have other blogs to attend to but i was quite busy with matters pertaining to official duty.

i just came back from outstation..went to attend a meeting in Keningau (interior of Sabah). since it was school holiday, i brought along the family..bundled them in the suv and off we went to Keningau. the journey was pretty tiring considering we started from kudat and had out first stop at Gunung Alab, a resting area complete with washroom and food...the road that we took was the old ones..i realised that few vehicles travel along this road since there is another new road going to Keningau which is much shorter...

anyway the kids did have a jolly good times messing up the hotel room where we stayed for two night..the kids have the aircon on 24 hours (they didn't went out..stayed in the hotel room), took hours in the bath tub...yes with warm can imagine their delight...

one of the boys was constantly flushing the toilet..i think he was trying to study the mechanism...

before we left Keningau, we managed to go to the Tamu Ground to do some flower shopping..

i recalled my times in Keningau and seeing how development took place...there is some development taking place but some parts of Keningau is still the see i once worked here for three years before transferring to Kudat

after Tamu Ground, we continued our journey to Kota Kinabalu..along the way, we bought preserved wild boar's looks tasty but when i tried it, it was not up to my expectation..not like my mother used to make..

when we reach Tambunan, i suddenly remembered that there's this waterfall there in Tambunan which is attracting loads of tourists..

it's called the Mahua Waterfall...

i remember i went here once long ago when i was with the fisheries department..we were supposed to look for suitable land with loads of water supply so we can start a new fish breeding station..

when we arrived there..and for your out there who wish to ge still have to walk 500m (half a kilometres) to the actual site of the waterfall (it wasn't that far, when i first went there..i was young at that time..early twenties..

now as i travel the path to the waterfall, i begun to think what a stupid idea it was..i can't hardly walk especially with three boys on tow..running up and down..others attempting to dive into the stream..mind you the water is as cold as ice..really..

we finally arrived at the site and all my pain was rewarded with a splendid site of the waterfall...i instantly remembered the waterfall in the movie (old movie) of KING KONG..with the sound and the rainbows...

we took some pictures (you won't see it here..the boys used the camera, tossing at each others head and so it's damaged...i hope the memory card is still A ok..

imagine..we have walk back again to the vehicle..another 500m!!!

one km all in all...

then we're off to Kota Kinabalu..all in all we did have a wonderful time..

we might go on a journey again..need to save does cost quite a bit when travelling..

that's it..for now..

have fun


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