Monday, April 6, 2009



i'm not sure if i spelled it correctly, its actually the time where chinese visits the grave of their loved ones. its much like all souls day, and being married to a sino who's father is a pure chinese we're obliged to do our duty. come to think of it, i never did visit my father-in-law's grave since i got married...until we have three lame..

anyway it was last friday when we went there. his site is located in Papar. another 20km ish..from penampang
since i really don't know the ways/tradition..i brought along the kids (how i wish i did not!!)..

we arrived there in the early morning and started to clean the grave.
it was full of thorny plants...
i think there was a time where the boys kind of get bored with their many (dead ones) around yet nobody to play with..
one of the boys started to whine..want to go home or other places than there..
soon the third one follow suit..

all they do was climb up and down the hill (there was many steps all around the cemetery)
we had to finish our task as soon as possible because the kids were going berserk..
one keep on asking to blow the candles that was lit by the grave..not permitted to do so..he started tp wail...(hhuiui.....!!!!meeeennn), i think the whole hill (it was full of grave) shook when he started to wail...
the third one was even more difficult to control..going up and down the small steps..stepping over other grave!!!!....meeeeennnnn!!!

finally...we finished and no sooner..the second son was contemplating to follow the steps of his younger brother..turning the cemetery into a playground!!much like what happened last year when we visited my parents graveyard in kolopis...hhhhuuiiiii...time to go!!
looking back i can really imagine the occupants of the hill scolding the boys grandfather for bringing his grandsons there..
i also can imagine that during the boys activities there, these poor souls would be seen leaving with their luggage until the boys left..
i also can imagine that when the time comes again next year..i think those who reside in this hill will post a look-out..once they see us and the boys..they will put up a signal and all the occupants will leave with their luggage en masse...
only returning after we left..imagine......

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Pilo Gui said...

is nice to remember our forefathers. It is a way to thank them and preserve tradition and culture. In India the the Hindu brahmins do rites every new-moon day and appease their forefathers. Every year they do the rites remembering their fathers, g'fathers and gg'fathers and their wives as well as one's mother-side forefathers. Use to propagate and advertise. pilo