Sunday, May 3, 2009

On the road again...

FREE MECMONIE's been quite sometime since my lasy post (again...). the truth is i'm quite lazy to do postings... i am again, posting about our latest excursion...
our destination was Ranau...i went there to inspect some airconds to take back to Kota Belud because the one there is longer working...
we started our journey around 8am from kudat and i took a short route that is the kota belud/ranau bypass..
the scenery was very beautiful with mount kinabalu being the background for our journey starting from kota belud all the way to ranau..
we reached pekan nabalu and stopped there for a was ngam-ngam tamu and the place was buzzing with activities..this spot is also popular with tourist both local and international..
so many handicrafts on sale..
there was this high tower where you can climb up to get a better view of mount kinabalu..
the boys dragged their mother all the way up and i say it was quite high..
mother didn't last a minute..she was clambering down when i was just halfway up...
she was shaking not because of the cold but she's afraid of height...hahaha
i only managed to stay up less than a minute because E2 who was tagging along with me decided that there's nothing worth seeing up there so down we went..
we continued our journey to ranau..
we reached ranau around noon...i went to inspect the aircons, bla..bla..bla with the officer in charge and was soon going to the hotel to check in..
we rest for a while..took our lunch headed back to the hotel and after that around 3pm we went to hot spring..
when we arrived there, all the spots was filled with people..
we had to take our bath at one of the private wasn't cheap..rm15 per hour..
soon all the boys and mother and mother-in-law was in the mini pool..having the time of their life..
all was having a good time jumping in and out..
e3 spoils it for them, the jumping and sliding makes him dizzy..the best he can do was simply to vomit in the pool..
i couldn't believe how agile E1 a ninja he jump out of the pool before anyone else..
even e3 jump out when he sees his own vomit..hahaha..
what about e2?..well him being himself..he was not bothered..keep on cruising around the pool..even managed to get underwater..imagine with all the vomit..
anywhere, mother clean up the pool and fill it up with water they continued to have fun...though e1 was constantly on the look out for another round of vomit from e3..
thank goodness it didn't materialise..
i only paid for an hour and it was enough because they were getting hungry and it's a 30km ride to ranau town..
we packed and leave for the hotel..
the next day 1st of may..was the monthly tamu in ranau..we went there around 10 am and it was full of people of all walk of life..
we only stay about half an hour..really, when you've been to a tamu once, you've seen them all...
after leaving the tamu ground, we went to national park in kundasang, still in ranau..
it was cold there..i stopped at an observation centre and let the boys out except e3,he was asleep..
with short pants and t-shirt,they didn't last long outside, e2 was turning pale and shivering..keep on saying go home now...go home now..never mind e1, he can't hardly talk..he was shivering all over..hahaha
we went back to the hotel..took a nap..
we didn't went out again..took our dinner earlier and slept..
last time when we went to keningau..e2 was busy with the ranau he was busy with the remote control for the aircon..
we left ranau on saturday..leaving early because we want to stop by kundasang to buy some vege..
i think all in all we spent about rm100 for the various vege we bought..
we also stop by at another scenic spot, mother wants to buy orchid..
after that we continues our journey back to the way we stop for the night at kota marudu..and only reached kudat on sunday afternoon..
that's it for now..
some other time, other places to visit..i'll still be back again sooner..was thinking of providing the latest information about happenings in around the world in this blog..a summary of what took place in tha last 24 hours so to say..
if i'm not lazy..again..

by the way, some might wonder who are e1,e2 and e3..,there are the boys starting with e1 being the eldest and e3 being the youngest..

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