Wednesday, May 6, 2009

3 + 1 = ROBBERY


i received this in my mail box..another method of robbery..

This afternoon (14/04/2009) , while waiting for my husband in front of the bank ( MBB , Jalan Taiping , Klang) , I saw a Malay lady bending down to throw some RM1.00 notes behind the tyre of a car parked in front of mine.

After throwing the notes , she knocked the car's window to tell him that he has dropped some money. Right after that , a man came knocking on my window , also telling me that I have dropped something.

Fortunately , I was not conned by them because I have witnessed what that Malay lady was doing. They came in a group of 4 (1 lady and 3 guys whom all look like foreigners; like the Arabian/ Moroccan type).They will rob you once you open your car door to check.

Please pass this email to all your friends , relatives and colleagues to warn them about these people even if you are not from Klang.


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