Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Face


No, it's not what u think. I'm in the process of doing some changes to this puny blog of mine..was considering deleting it but i've posted quite a lot of stuff here and it's a waste to get rid of it.

Also am pondering as to what i should be purchasing first, a lawn mover or a digital camera. I need a lawn mover 'cause my back yard is a mess..I also need a camera to take photos of all my journeys..

I also noted that I now have five followers (previously it was only three)..tough task this for me..need to keep on entertaining u guys with interesting post, otherwise u all run away..lol..thanks for the confidence..i try my best to keep u all entertain..

If u don't see any post coming sooner that's means i have purchase a lawn mover and not a digital camera..lol..

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