Friday, July 31, 2009

Swimming Competition...Breastroke..

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I was surfing this morning and came across this joke. It leaves nothing to imagination.This joke was similar to what I heard a long time was a race between the hand, leg, body and head and the last competitor was nowhere to be found so the guards have to jump in and do the rescuing. When later interviewed, the head, the almost drowned participant insist that if his ears didn't experienced cram, he would have been the first to just use your imagination..the head with it's ears flapping to complete the

So here it is..i put it up in my blog because i like it..kinda hilarious,

A blonde, brunette and redhead all decide to participate in the swimming of the English channel.

They all decided to do the same stroke as it would be fair and they should all finish at the same time. Not wanting to lose energy quickly, they chose breast stroke.

They all started and a few hours later, the brunette arrives on land, tired.

The next one to complete it, was the redhead, a couple of hours behind the brunette.

Lastly, 6 hours after the brunette had arrived, the blonde clambers on shore, absolutely exhausted.

When the TV crew arrived, they asked her why she took so long, she replied: "Not to be a sore loser or anything but I'm pretty sure I saw the other two using their arms."

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