Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Linking to my puny site..lol

I'm receiving some request to link with my site..

I don't really mine..rather I'm honoured..

But your link or more appropriately your site url and title would be the only thing I would love to include in my site. No images like link because it will take forever for this site to download all images..

So there,..I would like to invite the world to link to my non-existent site...lol..but of course with condition(s)..

Actually one condition only..hhmmm maybe two..lol..

1. NO, absolutely NO pornographic site(s) or any site(s) whatsoever..before I put your link in here..I would look into it first..u c, my site is more of a family oriented one.

2. NO, absolutely NO horror/gruesome like images, I want all walks of life to have a good time when visiting my site..

I guess that's it.

By the way in order for me to put your link here, these are what I need

1. Title of your site.
2. Your URL

and...hhmmmm..ok that's it for now..

there's a shoutbox in this site somewhere...lol...put your site's title and url there..

I'm really not good in this linking be it backlink, forwardlink, uplink, downlink, middle link..etc..see what I meant?...I'm hopeless..


have fun!!!...


everydaymom2005 said...

I wanted to drop by and thank you for your comment on Everyday Mom Ideas. I really appreciate your support and feed back. It truly brightens up my day.

image_of_purity said...

bole ba kalau kau,kalau kau bole ba...