Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a turn around in blogging

just a reminder to all my followers/fans that beginning next week, i will be blogging about my attempt to become a millionaire by age sixty.

as of today i've read loads of books both locals and international as how to be successful in my feeble attempt to reach the million dollar mark, hopefully before i'm fifty so as i can enjoy some of it..nothing much to enjoy when you're a millionaire at the age of can't even bungee jumping..if you do that then you can hear your bones and joint crack and screaming in protest

in addition there will be a post each day as to what i did financially i.e how much i spent, what happen to the cents..where did it gone etc..

the date of comemncement in this attempt starts on the 25 of september..thats when i received my salary. as of now i'm broke and nothing much to post about except trying to mend holes in my pocket and preventing over spent in my already depleted and hardly visible left over

as i mentioned earlier, i'll be posting at least once a day..mostly in my attempt to be frugal and do some savings

tommorrow post will be a breakdown of my salary..which portion goes to which allocated lots.

most of my coming post will be an explanation of my attempt to reduce my spending to the utmost minimum. i'm not gonna starve myself though..i can always raid the freezer..i've puts loads of foods (stock)

tommorrow is another there..coincidently, i have to spent money today..the freezer ran out of veges, i ran out of drinking have to go and buy some..

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