Thursday, September 16, 2010


yesterday i went to buy some groceries. at the moment i can't calculate how much is the balance because my financial plan only starts on the 25 september. anyway this is the items that i bought yesterday

1. egg - one stay - rm10.00
2. a can of sardine - rm5.30
3. clothes hanger - rm1.30
4. pickled vege - rm6.20
5. fresh vege - rm6.80
6. drinking water - rm 5.30
7. breakfast - rm11.20

item no.7 was a mistake and a costly one. i should have bought the raw material and do the cooking. not only it cost less but i could use it twice..meaning for rm11.20 i can cook two about frugality..need to be aware of my purchasing habit..otherwise my plan won't materialised and still be doing work well after the age of sixty..

i might probably post my listing of the breakdown of my salary tomorrow. so as to get a better picture of the distribution of fund and also the usage of it.

if i get an (ASI) - additional source of income then i might use them to buy some unit trust or

right, that's it..

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