Saturday, September 18, 2010

a change in financial planning

i was thinking and came to the conclusion that there's no point for me to list down my expenditures without a budget to work with in the first place.

so decided to stop..temporarily until i received my salary on by end of next week

most probably the next post will be next week

my plan for the stock market actually is to buy blue chip stock that have solid foundation..will look for income + growth companies..

at the moment ..back to do more reading on stocks

by the way i stumble upon a book on money making in the internet...borriiingggg i hear you say but i'm tempted to try it though..

but haven't finish reading the book's about the success of local netrepeneur in harnessing the power of internet to make obscene amount of money while still in college..

if he can do it..why not others..after all this guy was in and out of school in the beginning due to lack of money..i guess that is a big motivation for him to succeed

it is really scary when you come face to face with the situation of no money not even cents to your name..

also i might try this guy method..after all he's making money in the fives and six figures monthly

anyway i received this adventure in my other blog which is using wordpress..but now i have to get a dotcom first..

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