Monday, September 27, 2010

mannn..i'm not consistent..haiyaah... guess it right, im changing my mind not going to blog about how i manage my finance..
i went shopping yesterday and bought goods amounting to RM700..

this usually last us all my wife, three kids, my mother-in-law and a friend for a month..

as i was driving home i realize that blogging about my monthly expenditure is not going to help me achieve my millionaire goal..

im planning to do some serious new approach to my blog...

do a total new appearance and look of this blog..

some adverts here will have to go..there is way too much..and its not bringing me any revenue..

by the way u might realize that there's no adsense adverts in my blog now..the reason is that my adsense account was disabled by sad..they said that i purposely click on my own adverts or i ask my viewers to purposely do word..why would i do that?..i tried to explain to google but was not entertained..that's why there's no google sad..i was actually making a few cents a day..even that google wants to 'consficate' account was coming to USD50..and i started my google adverts four years ago..

anyway i came across this new advertising company and that's why there's a new form of advert in my blog..not making any cents at the moment

okes, that's it..i will appear here in a few day?..weeks?..hehe..yeah..weeks..


AphaRock said...

Can share how to join your new ads co. Thanks.

GAZOMATO said...

hi aplharock,
if you're interested about AdHitz just click on the adverts banner (rent this page).it'll tske you to their website..good luck

AphaRock said...

Thanks, I will do that.

avatarlady said...

i think the most lucrative thing you can do to achieve that millionaire's dream is to create a unique website... something that mark zuckerberg or bill gates of luring you to work for them instead.

GAZOMATO said...

you're certainly right..they've found a niche and fully xploited it..thanks for the views avatarlady..